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New Lady at the bar. Her name is Kulus and she is an elf! She is so super nice and adorable, I couldn’t help but scribble her on some scrap paper. Yena and Jör took her in almost immediately, but something seems off … she doesn’t seem too keen on Jör’s flirtiness… Yena doesn’t seem too pleased either. Spot kept saying he smelled drama, but I’m not getting involved.

But she is so cute and I have a major squish right now. I want to be her coffee buddy on Thursdays. It’s hard to convey that level of “I know we just met, but I want to be your friend. I don’t want to have sex with you, not to say you aren’t attractive, but being a third wheel you tell your secrets to would be magical,” without sounding like a psychopath …

I feel like a crazy stalker … I should just keep these things to myself …

BOF ch. 1 and 2


So I’m writing out my experiences in the third person, I guess… Might try some different delivery methods. I rather like this one.

AND a picture to go with it.

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